Rock Florals!


1. Blazer: Kolor $915, 2. Shorts: Sacai $535, 3. Shirt: Joe Fresh $29, 
4. Tie: Ted Baker $99, 5. MSGM $131, 6. Bag Givenchy $1125

This up and coming Spring & Summer, floral prints have revived and evolved. They are available for all prices and can be worn as apparel as well as accessories. To pull of the trend there are a few rules:
1. Don’t go crazy, in other words, have a piece or two to accent your outfit.
2. Like most patterned items, they work best if you pull out the color that is least used in the print for a neutralizer. Such as wearing white shorts with that Floral Joe Fresh shirt shown above, or pink with the Givenchy bag…
3. Start off with a floral shirt or tie, as they can actually last longer than a few seasons, than invest once you are comfortable.

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